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Car accessories for privacy & uv protection.

Forget car tint & car shades.

Why Awra ?

Awra curtains are handcrafted with quality materials and tailored to fit your specific car model. Unlike car tints, with Awra curtains, you can enjoy privacy and protection from the sun's harmful UV rays, all while adding a touch of elegance to your car's interior space. Invest in Awra curtains today and experience the beauty and functionality of our tailored curtains firsthand!

Forget traditional car shade and car tints

How it works ?

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Use prong snap button to hold back the curtain & enjoy lovely weather.

Hold back when not in use

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Maximum overage

Designed to cover your complete rear door glass including rear vent glass.

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Perfect Opacity

These are not blinds nor transparent enough. A perfect shade that gives you outside visibility as well as Privacy.

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Use window easily

Perfect distance between glass & curtain helps you slide up & down window easily.

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Scratch resistant clips

Similar to zipper material. Excellent mechanical stability.

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Curtain is easily slidable even in sharp bend & curve.

Flexible Railings

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Enjoy ventilated fresh air, mesh fabric helps prevent dust & bugs reaching you.

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Your safety is our first priority. We adhere to safety rules first. Driver can easily look at side mirrors while driving.

Side Mirror Visibility

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L Shape railings

Especially designed for rubber gaskets e.g. Suzuki cars. Our tape is strong enough to hold rubber as well.

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Tailor Made

Each & every curtain piece is tailor made to fit the door size exactly.

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Remove clips before wash, use warm water & detergent. That's it. Heard of washable car shades before?

Strong VHB Tape

We use heat resistant high quality acylic tape.

Your Privacy Protected

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Who will install curtains in my car?

It is a DIY product with an easy to install video guide. Remember to watch it CAREFULLY before placing an order. If you need further help, contact us at  +92-332-444-2972

 Awra Installation Guide

Will any damage be done to my car?

No screw or nails. No elfy or super glue. We only use double sided VHB tape. Watch video for reference:

    Awra Installation Guide

Are the curtains dark/opaque enough?

Yes, the opacity is approx. 70-80%

How to wash these curtains?

Fabric & Stitching is 100% polyester. Cold hand wash with similar colors. Do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not dry clean. Remove clips before wash.

Do you have color options available?

No, right now we only have black color fabric.

Do you have options for front or rear screens?

Right now, we are only producing side window curtains.

Why there are wrinkles in the driver & passenger side curtains?

Driver & Passenger side curtains may appear to have a few wrinkles due to the gap to view the side mirror is not covered. Whereas, curtains in the rear door fit properly as they are attached from all four sides to the door, quarter glass is covered as well.

What is this 3rd, 9th or 10th generation?

In order to find your exact car model. We use generation#. Car generations refer to the lifecycle of a design for that specific car model & make.

What is inside the box?

In the box, you'll get

  • 4 Curtains

  • 4/6/8 Velcros

  • 8 Railings

  • 1 Alcohol swab tissue

  • 1 3M™ Tape Primer 94 bottle (approx. 5ml) for Pakistan or 2 3M™ Tape Primer 94 Tissues (International)

  • 1 Pouch of Extra Clips (8 pcs) & Stoppers (2 pcs)

Why don't I see my car's model in your catalog?

Come visit our shop & get your car curtains customized. It takes at least 2 hours. Take appointment first.

Time: Please visit before 9:00am (Mon-Sat)

Location: Green City, Barki Rd, Lahore, Pk

Contact: +92-332-444-2972


What is your delivery time?

Within 7 working days