Who will install curtains in my car?

Lahore: Our Rider will install the curtains at your doorstep.

Other Cities: We have COD service, you have to install it by yourself (DIY).

What if I want to install them by myself?

We have a tutorial video for reference. Remember to watch it VERY CAREFULLY before placing an order. If you need further guidance, contact us at  +92-323-444-2972

 Awra Installation Guide

Will any damage be done to my car?

No screw or nails. No elfy or super glue. We only use double sided VHB tape. Watch video for reference:

    Awra Installation Guide

Are the curtains dark/opaque enough?

Yes, the opacity is approx. 70-80%

How to wash these curtains?

Remove clips before washing. Use soap or detergent.

Do you have color options available?

No, right now we only have black color fabric.

Do you have options for front or rear screens?

Right now, we are only producing side window curtains.

Is the fabric wrinkleless?

Front Door: Driver & Passenger side curtain have a few wrinkles.

Rear Door: Curtain is in perfect size, Quarter Glass is covered as well.

What is this 3rd, 9th or 10th generation?

In order to find your exact car model. We use generation#. Car generations refer to the lifecycle of a design for that specific car model & make.

Why don't I see my car's model in your catalog?

Come visit our shop & get customizations for your car. It takes at least 2 hours. It's better if you visit in the morning.

Charges: Rs. 1000 / curtain

Do you have full size curtains for front doors as well?

Safety comes first.  We have to keep the side mirrors clear at all times while driving.

What is your delivery time?

Lahore: Same day or next working day.

Other Cities: 3 - 8 working days.

What is inside the box?

In the box, you'll get

  • 4 Curtains

  • 4/6/8 Velcros

  • 8 Railings

  • 1 Alcohol swab tissue

  • 1 Promoter liquid bottle (approx. 5ml)

  • 1 Pouch of Extra Clips (8 pcs) & Stoppers (2 pcs)



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