We noticed some of the benefits mentioned below.

Use prong snap button to hold back the curtain & enjoy lovely weather.

Hold back when not in use

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100% rear door coverage

Designed to cover your complete rear door glass including rear vent glass.

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Perfect Opacity

These are not blinds nor transparent enough. A perfect shade that gives you outside visibility as well as Privacy.

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Enjoy ventilated fresh air, mesh fabric helps prevent dust & bugs reaching you.

Your safety is our first priority. We adhere to safety rules first. Driver can easily look at side mirrors while driving.

Side Mirror Visibility

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L Shape railings

Especially designed for rubber gaskets e.g. Suzuki cars. Our tape is strong enough to hold rubber as well.

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Use window easily

Perfect distance between window & curtain clips help you to open & close your windows easily.

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Scratch resistant clips

Similar to bag & jacket zipper material. Strong, rigid and tough. Excellent mechanical stability.

Curtains are easily slidable even in sharp bend & curves.

Flexible Railings

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Tailor Made

Each & every curtain piece is tailor made to fit the door size exactly.

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Remove clips before wash, use warm water & detergent. That's it. Heard of washable car shades before?


Strong VHB Tape

We use VHB (Very High Bonding) Tape with Acrylic Adhesive for durability in high temperatures.

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100% Legal

Yes, that's true. There's no ruling in any country on curtains. They are built in by many car manufacturers. resizeimage 2020 03 25T144030.353

Secure your belongings

Curtains adds a significant degree of additional security. Hide your valuables.

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"Made in Pakistan"

Buy locally produced & stimulate the economy in which you live.

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